Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Sign of the Cross

About that same time as that catechism class, my brother told me about a friend of his who believed he was called to be a Priest and had been praying for a sign from God. I have often looked back on the story by brother relayed about his friend and wondered if he was trying to illicit something from me—perhaps he suspected my secret?

At any rate, his friend had told him that after quite some time of praying, daily, for a sign, this is what seemed to be the answer to his prayers:

He said that his family was having a garage sale and he had been in the driveway and in the alley watching, when he decided to go around the side yard to enter the house from the front door and get something to drink. When he came back out and going back toward the alley where the garage sale was taking place, a man in a nice suit came walking around from the garage toward the street. The man stopped, called him by name and held out a small box, saying, “I am told that you should have this.”

The boy took it and the man simply walked away and around the front of the house. My brother’s friend took the lid off the box and inside the box was a sliver crucifix on a chain. He ran the few feet to the front corner of the house but the man was nowhere to be seen—he had simply vanished.

Pretty neat.

A few years ago, I looked up his name in the current nation-wide Clergy Directory that was on my desk. His name was not listed. Perhaps a tragedy.

I never divulged my secret to even my brother.

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